Fun and functional, homogenous resilient comes in tile or roll forms with a variety of colors to choose from. Its uniform composition allows the color of the tile to never fade throughout its lifespan. It is an affordable floor covering whose cushioned core makes it more comfortable for the feet and legs. This same cushioning property keeps the floor surface warmer to the touch owing to the insulating value it gives.

It is suitable for homes, offices, commercial establishments and environments which require sanitary surroundings because of its antibacterial qualities.

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Clean. Seamless. Superior Performance.

  • Suitable for homes, offices, commecrial establishments and environments which requires sanitary surroundings.
  • Available in 5ft x 45ft at 1.5mm and 2mm thickness
  • Can be welded at the seams and coved up at the edges of walls for extra cleanliness, and for a neat and seamless installation.
  • Only local manufacturer of rollform in the Philippines.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors.

Apo Antibac

APO ANTIBAC limits the spread and destructive power of many microorganisms in homes and commercial settings.

What is Apo Antibac?

APO ANTIBAC is incorporated with ANTI-BACTERIAL and ANTI-FUNGAL protection in the molecular structure of the floorings which neutralizes germs and fungi on flooring day-after-day, year-after-year providing an added level of hygiene and safety to things we come in contact with everyday

APO ANTIBAC is safe, effective and durable. Its ingredients are registered and approved by regulatory agencies such as EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the US.

Benefits of using APO Antibac

  • Limits the spread of harmful microorganisms
  • Prevents development of odor
  • Prevents staining and discoloration
  • Prevents loss of properties (e.g. hardening)
  • Prevents biofilm formation
  • Prevents cross-contamination

How does it work?

Brands Apo Floors how to do it

  • APO Antibac interferes with the transport of nutrients to the bacterial cells causing the bacterial cells to starve and eventually die.
  • This mechanism prevents the bacteria from developing resistance to APO Antibac


Static electricity is a common cause of damage to electrical appliances and facilities. Anti-Static flooring is best used for Call Centers/BPO’s, Hospitals and Health Facilities, Production or Plant Facilities.

  • APO Floors is the first and only local manufacturer with the Anti-Static feature. Now the safety of your electrical investments can be assured.
  • Compliant to international standards ASTM F150 and ESADA/ANSI S20.20.
  • Best used with APO Powerbond & Apo Floor Care line, also with Anti-Static properties*

*for special production


Solid and Durable Floors

Bring contemporary elegance and incomparable durability of resilient flooring into our surrounding. MODERNA offers solid colors to excite your senses and meet various concepts. MODERNA comes in a a variety of gauges to cover various applications.

Every tile manufactured boasts a premium formulation which makes it last longer, dimensionally stable and durable with whatever load tolerance. It is made in an advance manufacturing  technology and a heritage of unwavering commitment to excellence that will make MODERNA the tile of choice in the industry.
MODERNA’s precision technology made sure that sheer beauty blends well with tile toughness for floor elegance that will stand the test of time. The excellent appearance retention and easy maintenance attributes to its smooth surface which offers real value for money.


The most versatile flooring

The realistic look and durability of mimicri makes it the most versatile flooring available. True to its name, mimicri mimics the look of stone, carpet, and wood for any design preference to fit any budget. Its superior wear layer makes mimicri highly durable and so easy to clean.


Made with you in Mind

Mimicri is made to be fashionable and functional so that it can withstand the everyday wear and tear with minimal maintenance yet add elegance and beauty to any space.


  • Wide range of designs
    Let us help you make your vision a reality. Choose from our stone, carpet, or wood series and find the perfect flooring to enhance your space.  See More
  • Easy maintenance
    Our products are quick and easy to maintain because of its durable wear layer, because we know you value your time.
  • Easy to installWhether you are building from scratch, renovating or simply want to change the look of your floor, you don’t have to inconvenience yourself with messy sanding or grouting
  • Affordable
    Our products are affordable but do not compromise beauty, quality or durability.
  • Quality Assurance
    All our products pass strict quality tests that meet American, British and Japanese standards
  • Our guarantee
    All our products are locally manufactured and come with warranties.



APO Realwood is an engineered wood made from layers of 100% solid wood, following a 3-ply design structure.APO Realwood uses the 3-ply European cross grained technology tested to be more dimensionally stable than the regular multi-ply structure. The natural tendency of the wood to move in one direction is counteracted by opposing forces in the middle layer. The bottom layer then provides further stability.
Comes factory finished with several layers of UV coating with aluminum oxide and tongue and groove construction.UV coating with aluminum oxide ensures protection against scratches. The tongue and groove construction makes installation easy and fast.
detail3Specially treated to make it resistant against termites, dust mites and moulds.The wood comes infestation-free which ensures a clean environment.
detail4Satisfied the demanding international standards of ISO 9001:2008You will have peace of mind knowing that APO Realwood will only provide you with the best quality floors.
detail6Tested for quality excellence, compliant with British and ASTM standards:
Zero formaldehyde
Passed Water Boiling Test
You can be assured of healthy indoor air quality, no harmful emissions
No warping due to moisture and spills.


The superior water-based acrylic floor adhesive for resilient tiles and sheets. Best installed on concrete & sealed wood flooring.

  • No risk of fire explosion during application
  • Floor surface application only
  • No solvent, fumes, non-addictive
  • Plasticizer resistant
  • No tile shrinkage
  • Outstanding resistance to aging
  • Easy to clean tools and work areas after application
  • Possibility of correction after the tile has been laid


  • Apo Power Strip

    Apo Power Strip

    High performance, multi-stripper removes sealers, floor-polish build up and hardened polishes by frequent varnishing.

  • Apo Power Shine

    Apo Power Shine

    Premium quality acrylic floor polish for an exceptionally tough and durable finish. Equipped with a quick drying formula that gives a "wet-look" appeal.

  • Apo Power Buff

    Apo Power Buff

    State of the art multi-purpose companion product for frequent high-speed floor maintenance. Can be used as spray buff solution, revitalizer, and recoating finish.

  • Apo Power Seal

    Apo Power Seal

    Versatile floor sealer that seals pores, and provides a tough base coat while enhancing gloss of polish.

  • Apo Power Clean

    Apo Power Clean

    Powerful neutral cleaner which is tough on dirt and stains but will not dull or damage your finishes. Can be used with hand scrubber.

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