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APO Realwood is an engineered wood made from layers of 100% solid wood, following a 3-ply design structure. APO Realwood uses the 3-ply European cross grained technology tested to be more dimensionally stable than the regular multi-ply structure. The natural tendency of the wood to move in one direction is counteracted by opposing forces in the middle layer. The bottom layer then provides further stability.
Comes factory finished with several layers of UV coating with aluminum oxide and tongue and groove construction. UV coating with aluminum oxide ensures protection against scratches. The tongue and groove construction makes installation easy and fast.
Specially treated to make it resistant against termites, dust mites and moulds. The wood comes infestation-free which ensures a clean environment.
Satisfied the demanding international standards of ISO 9001:2008 You will have peace of mind knowing that APO Realwood will only provide you with the best quality floors.
Tested for quality excellence, compliant with British and ASTM standards: Zero formaldehyde Passed Water Boiling Test You can be assured of healthy indoor air quality, no harmful emissions No warping due to moisture and spills.