Care and Maintenance (For AVQT, Mimicri, and APO Realwood)

Protecting your investment is easy.

We have prepared this maintenance guide to help you protect your floors for years to come.

Caring for your APO floors

  1. Sweep or vacuum your floor regularly to prevent the build-up of dust and grit from outside that can scratch the floor.
  2. Use natural fiber floor mats/ door mats at entranceways to protect against tract-in dirt and grime due to sand and dust.
  3. In moving furniture and equipment, don't push or pull them, rather lift them to prevent scratches. To protect against indentation and scratching of finished tiles, use protective devices such as casters, glides and furniture caps.
  4. Do not pour pails of water on your floor to clean it. Excessive water can cause damage to your sub-floor and your floor is only as good as the sub-floor.
  5. Close your curtains or blinds where extreme sunlight hits the floor. A combination of heat and sunlight causes most home furnishings, including resilient floors, to fade or discolor.
  6. APO Floors offers excellent stain resistance, and most spills will wipe off quickly and easily with a clean cloth. If the stain is stubborn use APO Power Clean with a dry cloth or a bristle brush and wipe off any excess residue.
  7. Avoid using soap based detergents, abrasive cleaners, paste, wax or solvent based polishes. For long term maintenance, use the APO Power Floor Care Line.

Resilient Floor Maintenance

Here are some simple things you can do to keep your APO Resilient Floor looking like new.

  • At least 5 days after installation is completed, scrub and strip the installed floor covering with mild alkaline floor striping detergent; rinse thoroughly by mopping with a wet mop so that it is left in a clean and neutral condition. Allow it to dry.
  • Apply APO Power Strip periodically to remove sealers and get rid of dirt and black heel marks that immediate maintenance cannot remove.
    • Once every 2 months for heavy traffic, every 6 months for residential.
    • A good indicator if stripping is already required is if the polish is severely worn-out and the gloss does not improve with further application of buff or shine.
    • The use of a floor polisher and black stripping pads is required to easily remove old polish and seal.
  • To prevent chemicals and stains from seeping into the floor, apply 2-3 coats of APO Power Seal. Sealing is always done after Stripping.
  • Sweep, scrub, buff or finish the floor covering as frequently as necessary depending on the amount of traffic. Regular polishing and buffing is necessary to provide the desired gloss finish as required for your floor presentation standards. For best results use APO Power Shine, Power Clean and Power Buff for this applications. For buffing use red or white pad.
  • Strip, seal and shine is done once every two months or 6 months for residential or as stated above.
  • Power clean is used only if there are areas that have stains or dirt. Unlike the power strip which can remove seal and waxes power clean will not remove seal and waxes so it is ideal to use to remove dirt or stains.
  • Power buff can be used daily or twice a week depends on how you want the flooring to look or if they have time to use it daily. Usually it is placed in a spray bottle and sprayed to the floor followed with a polisher with a red or white pad.