Why choose APO Floors?

We come from a family of LEADERS AND PIONEERS

Backed by a century old conglomerate with sound financial standing.

PFPI is a Gonzalo Puyat and Sons Company, the industrial giant (est. 1907), with a diversified business portfolio ranging from Industrial, Mining, Financial and Real Estate, and Recreation.

International Pipe Industries, Corp. - Leader in the production of large diameter steel pipes

Puyat Steel - leader in the production of G.I Sheets

PFM - Leader in the production of flour

SUMAPI - Pioneer in the harvesting and exporting of South Sea Pearls

SUDECOR - Manages a permanent forest that practices sustainable development

PFPI - Leader in the Resilient Floor covering market

You can find us everywhere

Nationwide Distribution - making products readily available anywhere in the Philippines

PFPI's distribution network steadily grew from 26 to 500 various types of outlets such as major depots, DIYs, finishing, and hardware stores nationwide. For special projects, PFPI has a dedicated sales force in charge of providing personalized account management services for institutional accounts and specifiers, the goal of which is, not just to improve product availability, but to provide consistent service and support to our clientele to ensure total customer satisfaction.

We locally produce the best products

PFPI's major advantage is the state of the art European manufacturing facility in Bataan. Not only is PFPI capable of supplying huge quantities (up to a whopping 4.5M sqm a year) of floor covering products on time, but products can be customized to address any requirement and budget constraint. Our facilities include our manufacturing plant in Bataan that produces all our floor covering, floor adhesive, and floor care products. Our Taguig plant serves as our finishing line for our Realwood products, our warehouse in Malacanang serves as our central warehousing facility, and our Makati Office houses our management and back-office personnel.

Our products are Internationally Competitive

PFPI has always produced products with global quality standards that provides the best value for money to its clients. Our products are produced to conform to international standards such as:

  • American Standards for testing and Materials or ASTM
  • British Standards or BS
  • Japanese Industrial Standards or JIS.
  • Australian Standards or AS
  • PFPI has also acquired certification and has consistently conformed to ISO quality management standards, impacting both products and process management.

Each product goes through stringent quality tests such as indentation, abrasion and dimensional stability, to ensure that only the best products are produced.

We work together with our clients to meet their goals

From the start to finish of the project, PFPI is proactive with each and every client providing customers with solutions and services such as site inspection, installation and floor design to ensure that all the needs of each customer can be addressed. PFPI also believes that, with any organization, the people behind the products are the keys to success. As such, PFPI has instituted continuous training for all personnel dedicated to bringing a level of service to the market that is unmatched in the industry.

We are No. 1

  • We dominate 69% market share in the resilient market
  • We are trusted by top developers, contractors and specifiers nationwide because we provide beautiful and durable products that can complement any space.