1991 Puyat Resilient Products, Inc. (PVPI) was established with 75 employees. The first product to be introduced into the market was AVQT (APO Resilient Quartz Tile) with 12 colors. The distribution network started with 26 dealers nationwide.

1993 In just 2 years, PVPI established market leadership making it No. 1 in the resilient floor covering market in the Philippines.

1997 APO Powerbond was introduced in the market and quickly gained popularity because of its unique properties as a water-based adhesive with no solvent and no strong fumes.

1999 APO Floorcare line was introduced offering a complete line of floor care products from stripping, sealing, shinning, cleaning and buffing.

2001 The Laminated Resilient line was introduced. Various designs such as wood, stone and carpet were made available in plank and tile form for those looking for an alternative in flooring options. It quickly gained acceptance in the market because of its beauty, affordability and durability.

2003 PVPI became an ISO certified company in Quality Management Systems.

2004 Engineered Wood was introduced into the market under the brand Realwood. The classic beauty of wood and its durability was a winning combination and continues to grow in demand.

2005 Puyat Resilient Products, Inc., became Puyat Flooring Products, Inc. (PFPI) due to the growing product line offered, from homogenous resilient, laminated resilient and engineered wood.

At present, PFPI has grown from 75 employees to over 220 employees and has expanded its distribution network from 25 dealers to 176 dealers and over 330 sub-dealers nationwide. PFPI's product line has grown from 12 to over 90 different colors and designs to suite any flooring requirement.

The company has continued to grab hold of the lion's share of the resilient and wood flooring market through its high quality products and services. Combined with continuous product innovation and development, PFPI has continued to be No. 1 in the resilient flooring industry in the Philippines.