• Apo Power Strip

    Apo Power Strip

    High performance, multi-stripper removes sealers, floor-polish build up and hardened polishes by frequent varnishing.

  • Apo Power Shine

    Apo Power Shine

    Premium quality acrylic floor polish for an exceptionally tough and durable finish. Equipped with a quick drying formula that gives a "wet-look" appeal.

  • Apo Power Buff

    Apo Power Buff

    State of the art multi-purpose companion product for frequent high-speed floor maintenance. Can be used as spray buff solution, revitalizer, and recoating finish.

  • Apo Power Seal

    Apo Power Seal

    Versatile floor sealer that seals pores, and provides a tough base coat while enhancing gloss of polish.

  • Apo Power Clean

    Apo Power Clean

    Powerful neutral cleaner which is tough on dirt and stains but will not dull or damage your finishes. Can be used with hand scrubber.

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